How Beautiful Heaven Must Be!

We so rightly exclaim when we look at the beauty of God’s earth. The flowers, the trees, the clouds and the stars – everything is a miracle in our eyes. 

How great and marvelous is God, the Creator of all things, and His heavenly home! We have a longing to see heaven. But how do we get to heaven?

When He was on earth, our beloved Lord spoke about the way to heaven. He once told people who wanted to get to heaven: There is a great, wide door. That one leads to a comfortable and broad road, but it leads further and further away from heaven. The longer you walk on this road, the darker it gets until you end up in utter darkness. 

Many walk through this door and on this path, even children. They argue and fight, lie and deceive. Each person carries a burden of sins with them. 

But there is a smaller, narrower door. Whoever wishes to walk through this door has to leave their sinful heart, hatred, anger, disobedience, defiance, and stubbornness, yes, their whole burden of sin outside. The door is so narrow that only a clean heart can enter. From this door, there is a very narrow path that leads directly to heaven. Each child can find this way. It is very close to the heart of Jesus. It is marked by the blood drops of Jesus that flowed from His nail-pierced hands and His head as He hung on the cross. 

Oh, how wonderful it would be if many children walked this narrow, smooth path to heaven! The Lord leads the way right at the front, and everyone follows Him. We simply have to follow, because all the sinful and difficult things, things that often cost us tears, those we want to leave outside of the narrow door. 

Who of you wants to enter through this door with us? 

One door and only one, and yet its sides are two.

Inside and outside, on which side are you?

One door and only one, and yet its sides are two.

I’m on the inside; on which side are you?

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