How Jan Became Happy

One Sunday, Jan came home from Sunday School deep in thought. He went and sat down in a corner. He kept thinking about the story they had been told: about a little girl who had died. 

Suddenly he jumped up: “Mommy, little Lisa, the girl the Sunday School teacher told us about, was not afraid when she died!” The mother looked up from her work and asked: “Why not?” – “You know, Lisa had a clean heart. The Savior had washed away all her sins, so she knew He loved her very much. And where her Savior is, she doesn’t need to be afraid. Mommy, I would be scared if I had to die. Is the song actually true that we learned: 

He sees what I do, He hears what I say,

my Savior writes it all down?”

“Oh yes, darling, everything we do and say, the Lord Jesus sees and hears it all. He even knows all evil thoughts.” 

“Oh Mommy, then He knows I lied.” Tears rolled down Jan’s cheeks, and sobbing, he confessed to his mother that he had lied to her last week and even stolen raisins. 

     His mother hugged him and said, “Now tell all this to the Lord. Ask Him to make your heart completely white and to forgive you everything. In Isaiah 1:18 it says, ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.’” 

     Jan quickly knelt and, crying, confessed to the Savior all that he had done and asked for forgiveness of his many sins. 

     Because the Lord Jesus loves sinners so much, Jan became His lamb too. He was able to believe that the Savior also shed His blood on the cross for his sins. Oh, how happy and joyful he became! He threw his arms around his mother’s neck: “Mommy, the Savior has given me a clean heart and forgiven all my sins. Forgive me, too, for often making you sad!” “Of course, my son, everything is good!” 

     Dear child, would you like to have a clean heart too? Then follow the example of Jan. Jesus loves you too!

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