Jesus Lives!

“Because I live, you will live also.” (John 14:19)

In this passage, Jesus is speaking about resurrection and immortality. Because Jesus lives, we as Christians, as children of God, can go through life as new creations. Since we believe in the Son of God and have received forgiveness of sins through Him, we have found the secret of a life overflowing. We now live from His fullness and look forward to His return. We live from His fullness because we are His disciples and keep His commandments. We are also willing to take His cross upon ourselves and are willing to help others carry their cross. If we try to avoid the cross, our faith will lose its lustrous power. Christianity has forfeited its glow because today’s generation chooses the easiest way, the way with the least opposition.

People who worked for the glory of God and did their utmost to share the gospel with others were different. We read about David Livingstone, who had been working in Africa for years and suffered many a hardship working in the jungles. One day, he was standing on the shoreline bidding farewell to his friends who were returning to his homeland. He could have gone with them, and his friends begged him to accompany them, but he chose to stay behind and continue his work on this dark continent. He stood for a long time on the gangplank watching the ship slowly disappear over the horizon. His friends on the ship asked themselves: “Why does he insist on burying himself in such a God-forsaken location?” There is only one answer to this question: “Jesus Christ lived powerfully and brightly in the heart of David Livingston.” This dauntless missionary never lost his joy, enthusiasm, and devotedness to fulfill his God-given mission in obedience.

Why do so many people turn away from Jesus, even though many see Him as the only hope in our hopeless world? Who or what can bridge the gap and the hatred between nations other than Christ, His Spirit of love, and His forgiveness? Christ holds the answers to all injustices in His hand, if only people would accept His way. If only they would not persistently push Him aside and purposely overlook Him, He could be “the way, the truth and the life” for all nations. 

If we want to have joy and fullness of life, we need His Spirit to live in us and possess the attitude of Christ in all areas of life. Christ is alive in this world. But that is not enough; He needs to be alive in us. Our hearts need to experience His resurrection. If He can fill our hearts entirely with His Spirit, then we will have the power as Christians to take a stand against the evil in this world. 

Paul questioned: “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” (Romans 7:24) The answer was: “Jesus Christ our Lord!” Souls who are lost in sin and transgressions are only able to be awakened by Christ to a spiritual life. Many repentant people who have much weighing on their conscience need and search today for such a resurrection! Sinners search for forgiveness and a new life. Those in despair search for an open door. Those who have failed are looking for a new beginning. Those who are emotionally disturbed are looking for peace, which has been lacking in their life. Anchorless, disappointed, and lost souls are searching for a stronghold on which they can build a new life.

When Christ’s life becomes our life, then we have found a partner who will walk with us every hour of the day. He will be our leader, leading us on a way that He has already traveled. His life in us gives us just enough strength to carry life’s burdens, and abundant power to have victory over all temptations. With Him, we will find a new hope, and our faith will cling to His promises, giving us a guarantee to have His fullness in life, death, and eternity.

Christ lives today! He is alive here on earth in the hearts and lives of His people. He lives in His church and in her work. He is also alive in Heaven and still promises today: “Where I am, there My servant will be also” (John 12:26).

Those who have Jesus living in them will become like Him. A few years ago during a gathering in an English castle, a famous actor was asked to perform something. An elderly pastor asked him to read Psalm 23. The actor agreed with the condition the pastor would follow, reading the passage as well. With some hesitation, the pastor agreed. 

The performer read the Psalm very impressively. He had a wonderful voice and utilized it to the best of his ability. The audience listened breathlessly until he was finished and then broke out with an energetic applause. 

Then the pastor arose and recited the Psalm. His voice wasn’t as powerful, and his expression wasn’t without error. When he finished, there was no applause, but no eye remained dry. After a lengthy lull, the performer arose, laid his hand on the pastor’s shoulder, and spoke with a trembling voice: “I reached your eyes and ears, my friends. He reached your hearts. The difference lies here: I know the twenty-third Psalm, but he knows the Shepherd.”

Do you know this loving Shepherd, the One who left ninety-nine sheep to search for one lost lamb? Have you experienced the resurrection of life and hope through Jesus? 

After breakfast on the last day of Robert Bruce’s life, he suddenly said to his daughter: “Stop, daughter, my Master is calling me.” He asked for his Bible, but he noticed his eyesight was failing him. Therefore, he asked his daughter: “Open the Bible to Romans 8 and place my finger on verse 39.” In this position, he called out: “God be with you, my children. I had breakfast with you, but supper I will have with the Lord Jesus.“ In the same moment, he collapsed dead in his armchair.

Jesus said: “Because I live, you will live also.” And in Romans 8:39 we read: “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

This is the joyous message, not only at Easter, but for every day of our lives. Look up to the Master and live!

D. Oldham

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