Mother’s Hands

Maria often looked at her mother’s hands and wondered why they were so scarred. Once she asked, “Mom, why are your hands not like other people’s?” – But she did not get an answer until one day her mother said to her, “I will tell you why my poor hands are so disfigured. One evening I had put my little Maria to bed and covered her warmly, leaving her with the thought that everything was okay for the night.

But she had hidden some matches in her crib, and after a while, I heard a terrible scream. I rushed in and found the bed on fire and my little girl in danger of burning. By putting out the flames and saving your life, my little Maria, my hands were burned very badly. And that is why they look so disfigured now.”

Oh, with what different eyes Maria now looked at her mother’s hands! Instead of shrinking at the sight of them, she often stroked them with tears in her eyes because they bore the scars for her sake. They showed her the love of her mother. –

One day when we see our glorious Savior and can be with Him in heaven, we will also see the scars in His hands. He is the Lamb that was slain for our sake. How we will sing with gratitude, “Thou hast redeemed us!” And with what holy reverence we will look to His forehead, once wounded by thorns, and to His pierced hands and feet. Will that not be glorious?

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