Testimony: Waltraut Weiss


To the glory of God, I would like to write a testimony of how the Lord helped me in a special way during the time I was caring for my mother, Helene Traeger. 

My mother lived with us from 2000 to 2006, and for the first two years she was still able to come to the church services with us. Then things changed; she became bedridden and needed 24-hour care.

In 2003, my own health totally and quite suddenly changed. I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t bend over, nor could I dress or undress myself. I had to go to bed wearing my daily clothes. I prayed earnestly to God every day for help, for I had my mother to care for. 

After one week without any change in my condition, I decided to ask my sister and niece for help. Lying down on my bed, I picked up the phone and requested that someone help me every day for the next week. After that, I prayed for a long time and then fell asleep.

When I awoke and wanted to get up, I grabbed the chair that was next to my bed that I used to support myself when I got up. That’s when I realized I could sit. I stood up and could even bend over. I was so amazed and delighted that I stretched my arms up and bent over so that I could touch my toes with my fingers. 

Picking up the phone, I informed my sister and niece that I didn’t need any more help because the Lord had suddenly made me well. From that day on, with God’s help, I could do all my duties and chores again until the Lord called my mother home. We have a God who helps and answers prayers. Praise and glory be to the Lord! I am very grateful to Him for His daily help, care, and protection.

My wish and prayer is to remain faithful to the Lord until the end of my life and to be a blessing wherever I am. After all, it is not the beginning that is crowned, but the end!

Waltraud Weiss

Waterloo, Ontario

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