A Letter to my Mother

Dear Mother,

Let me begin by saying that I am most grateful that we have a very close and loving relationship and share a very strong bond. Have you and I ever given this much thought? What is the reason for this? Does perhaps luck or fate play a role?

I often think of a conversation I had with one of my colleagues pertaining to mother/daughter relationships. Both of us had lost our fathers when we were fairly young. I told her all about our very close and loving relationship. She listened intently as I continued and was surprised by what I was telling her. “You’re  very lucky that you get along so well with your mom. I could never get along with my mother!” I wish I had made more of an effort to explain why we have the relationship we have, and more importantly how this is even obtainable. I should have told her about the One who came to restore and heal us and our broken relationships!

Simply put, once I am reconciled with God and  find inner peace, then my relationship and bond with God shapes my behavior towards another human being. One is the result of the other. Even though, dear mom, we are very different in character and personality, and as you say, differences of opinion exist as the result of age gap, we are united in Christ’s love and are one in Him. Christ is the center of our relationship.  “…because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us” (Romans 5:5).

It goes without saying, however, dear mother, that we must play our part as well and “make every effort.” You know this as well as I do. Because to be human means we are fallible and can struggle at times. Mother, you and father taught and modelled for us that love is an action word, and that nearly everything in life that generates enduring value requires effort and work on our part.

In closing, dear mom, I would just like to mention the following; whether we are aware of it or not, we as Christians are being observed by those in our neighborhood, social sphere and family. Actions and deeds speak loudly. Our relationship has not gone unnoticed by neighbors and others who observe us. Not infrequently do I hear, “Your mother is lucky  to have you as a daughter!” If it was all up to luck, I would reply, “I’m lucky to have her as my mother!” Of course they are unaware that I (especially in my current situation) need you as much as you need me and we rely on each other. Just a while ago, I mentioned to you how I will respond to such remarks in the future, as I have usually been caught off guard. I will reply, “By the Grace of God we still have each other. We both need each other!” Thank goodness, mom, our sovereign God is in control and we do not have to depend on luck or good fortune!


Your loving daughter

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