The Uniqueness Of Christ

In the midst of humanity, Christ appears, unique in form and existence.

There has never been a man who could be equal to Christ, never, no, never! In His birth, His life, His nature, His death, and His influence, He stands above all human beings. Adam was an innocent man, without blame or blemish, until he fell into sin. Since then, no man has lived on this earth without carrying that burden of sin. Only Christ, the second Adam, is the sinless Son of Man, the holy Son of God. 

He is unique in His birth

Never was a man born like Him. He came into the world as a baby but born of a virgin. The prophets foretold His birth, and the gospel writers confirmed it. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). 

Christ became the mediator to restore the original connection between God and man. Through Him, God meets man, and man encounters God. To be such a mediator, He had to be fully human and fully God. This could only occur through the virgin birth. 

He was unique in His life

Never did a man live as He lived. His was an absolute sinless life. He maintained what Adam lost. The serpent, Satan, tempted Jesus just as he had Adam, and tried to entice Him to eat of the “forbidden fruit.” But He did not “eat.”

Not only did He avoid evil, but He went around preaching and doing good deeds. Many people have expressed great thoughts and truths but have not lived according to them. However, Jesus’ life was completely in tune with His teachings. Every step He took, every word He said, every deed He did improved and enlightened the world. 

“Which of you convicts Me of sin?” (John 8:46) Who in the history of this world could ask this question, especially while facing his worst accusers? At the end of His life, when the people demanded His death, the judge who condemned Him to die had to say: “I find no fault in Him at all” (John 18:38).

“Most assuredly, I say to you!” was the authority with which He spoke. The greatest of the prophets could say no more than: “Thus says the Lord!” Jesus did not have to invoke any other authority because He was more than a prophet. He was God and could speak on His own authority. 

He was unique in His nature

His birth proves His human nature. He was perfectly human and completely divine. He was human, as Adam and Eve, brought forth from the hand of God. The words “God’s only begotten Son” can only mean that He was divine in nature, that He was and is God. His disciples called Him the “Son of God,” but He called Himself the “Son of Man.” The name “Son of God” is mentioned over sixty times in the New Testament. But He only called Himself by this name two or three times. 

He was God revealed in the flesh. He and the Father were one, one in the eternal deity. He Himself said: “I and My Father are one” (John 10:30). How could He have only been a “good person?” Had He really not been more than that, then His enemies would have been right in accusing Him of blasphemy and deserving of death. 

He was unique in His death

No one ever died like Him. Christ died for our sins. He died on our behalf. Through His death, He paid the debt of our sins. Because He died, God can be just and also judge the ungodly. “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). His death demonstrated the great love of God. 

Jesus died willingly and victoriously conquered death. He robbed death of its sting and the grave of its victory (1 Corinthians 15:55). No wonder that Rousseau, the great French infidel, had to exclaim: “This Jesus died like a God!” Yes, most certainly, since He was the Son of God, eternal and unchanging!

He was unique in His influence

Let us observe His triumphal procession as He has prevailed through all the centuries. Many millions have followed Him since His time on earth! He is the One who was crucified, and He will return to judge the living and the dead.  

Dear reader, have you acknowledged the wonderful Savior, the Lord and King, who deserves all honor? Oh, worship Him and follow Him faithfully until your faith is rewarded in eternity! 

E. Martin

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