Experiences with God: Vanessa Reimer


I have been attending services at the Church of God for several months. Because my family moved around a lot during my childhood, I am familiar with many different denominations, but I feel most at home here, at the Church of God.

In Mexico, we used to learn about God’s Word at school. I loved these classes but did not give them much thought outside the classroom, although I found the stories interesting and their lessons valuable. Eventually, we moved to Canada as a family. In Canada, the Bible is not taught in public schools, and so God did not cross my mind for many years. We moved back to Mexico when I was 14, and everything changed.

It was lunchtime when my mother stepped into the room and announced that she had to go to the hospital. She told me how much she loved me and asked me to take good care of my siblings if she did not come back. We hugged, and she left.

For a moment, I stood frozen, unable to move. Then, I went outside. I felt so alone and full of fear. I thought, “Am I really all alone in this world now? Is there nobody left to watch over and protect me?” This thought terrified me. It was in this moment that I began opening my heart to God, trusting Him to set everything right and turn things for the best. With this, I felt a heavy burden lift from my shoulders.

My mother came home a few days later. I thanked God, and from that day on, everything changed. I accepted Jesus into my heart, and He blessed me with His grace. I have also learned not to take anything for granted. When I am troubled, I pray to God, secure in the knowledge that I can entrust it all to Him.

I know that I still have a lot to learn and far to grow in my walk with Christ. However, I also know that I do not need to worry about the future because God is always with me. In keeping with Jesus’ example, I was recently baptized, showing the world that I love and trust God.

Vanessa Reimer 

Rosal, Mexico

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