Pray About Small Decisions

Linda wanted to do two fun things Saturday afternoon and was having a hard time deciding between them. When Mother came into her bedroom, Linda asked, “If you were me, Mom, what would you do? Would you go shopping with your friend and her mother or would you play baseball with the neighbors?”

Mother laid down some clean clothes for Linda to put away before she answered her. “Have you prayed about it, Linda?”

“Well, no,” replied Linda. “I didn’t think it was that important to pray about. Do you think the Lord cares whether I go shopping or play baseball?”

“Does it matter to you?” asked Mom.

“Sort of. I’m having a hard time deciding,” replied Linda.

“Then if it matters to you, the Lord cares about it too. He is concerned with the way we spend our time. When you ask Him to direct you in the little decisions of life, it will be easier to hear and obey when He talks to you about the big choices of life.”

“Okay,” said Linda thoughtfully. “I will pray about it, but how will I know what He wants me to do?”

“Ask the Lord to impress on your mind what He wants you to do. He will make the right way seem the best choice to you.”

After Mother left her room, Linda did pray a simple prayer. In a little while she came into the kitchen where Mother was ironing. “I prayed about it,” Linda said to Mother, “and I think I will go with Carla and her mother. The Lord reminded me that Carla is very lonesome because she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, so I think she needs me more than my baseball team.” Mother hugged Linda as she said, “Sounds good to me! I knew the Lord would help you make a good choice.”

Linda called her friend who said they were ready to come and get her. Soon Linda called, “Good-bye, Mom!” as she left with her friend.

A few minutes later Jerry came inside for a drink. “Well, Mom, I guess we won’t be playing baseball this afternoon,” he said. “Some of the neighbors are gone on vacation and some had to go to a wedding, so we don’t have enough people to make teams. Tell Linda we will have to play another day.”

“She will be glad to hear that,” said Mom with a smile.

Connie Sorrell – The Beautiful Way  

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