Starting Right

One day, Lena said to her mother, “Oh, it’s so hard to always do the right thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it.”

“Have you really tried?”

“Oh yes, Mama. I try every day. When I wake up, I say to myself, before I get up: ‘I want to be obedient, gentle and good all day; obey my parents and teachers. I won’t argue with my siblings and always tell the truth.’ – I don’t know how it happens, but I always forget what I resolved. And then I tell myself: ‘It doesn’t help to even try.’ I’ve been disobedient over and over again and I haven’t always told you the whole truth, dear Mama.” – At these words, tears came into Lena’s eyes.

Her Mother drew her near and said: “I believe it happens because you don’t begin right. The first thing is that you must have a new heart. Have you prayed for that?” – “No, Mama.”

“Then start with that, Lena. You know very well that good fruit can only grow out of a good tree. If your heart isn’t good and clean, like it should be, then all good resolutions don’t help any. It all stays the way it was until God changes it. But God doesn’t lie. He promised to answer if we pray in the name of Jesus. So, ask Him to give you a clean heart. And then you will see it won’t be impossible to do the right thing, if you pray and are watchful.”

Lena followed the advice of her mother. She asked the Lord Jesus to forgive all her sins and give her a new heart. And now when she awoke in the mornings, she prayed to be obedient and good. And she was watchful and soon became a happy child and the joy of her home.

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