The Bread From Heaven

“I am the bread which came down from heaven.”  

John 6:41

Christmas, with the beautiful lights, the presents, in the midst of our loved ones, with our brothers and sisters in Christ, is one of the most wonderful celebrations that we enjoy. Christmas is not just a celebration for children, although they get so excited waiting for the day to arrive. If we, as adults, become like the children, a deep Christmas joy will fill our hearts. 

Christmas is a celebration for giving. Jesus came from heaven to give us the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Jesus calls Himself, “The bread that came from heaven.” 

We could not make a hungry person happier than gifting him with something to eat. The world is spiritually hungry. Souls hunger for the “bread from heaven.” Offering a hungry soul food for the body does not fill their spiritual need. The soul is not for the worldly realm. The soul originates from the divine, heavenly, and eternal realm, and that is where it needs to be fed from. 

Jesus expressed this sentiment so well when He said: “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Life definitely confirms these words.

Many have enjoyed material riches as well as knowledge and education. Among them were kings and wise men, but they had to freely admit that their souls could only be satisfied in God. It is no different today. Besides our daily bread, we need the “bread from heaven” for our souls. If Jesus had not come, we would not have this heavenly bread. 

The Old Testament commandments could not save us from our sins. Our conscience could not be cleansed. Souls remained hungry for true peace with God. 

Had He not brought us heaven,

Our Savior, who saved us,

All the world would be lost!

Now we are satisfied because with Jesus’ coming, we received everything that heaven could give us. We can grasp this in faith, for out of His fullness we have grace for grace. 

This gift from heaven is not just for us. It is for everyone. All hungry souls are invited to this special feast, even though many do not recognize it. There are still many lounging among the hedges, fences, and streets of sin, at the wells of worldly lusts, and they are dying of spiritual hunger. 

Dear child of God, would you be willing to invite these hungry souls to the prepared feast so they can be satisfied?  It is God’s will that His house would be filled!

Even though “Jerusalem” saw no need for this “heavenly bread,” there were shepherds, wise men, and lowly people willing to thankfully embrace this gift. Today it is the same, as there are many who hunger for the “bread which came down from heaven.”


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