The Savior is Knocking at Your Door!

Three young girls were standing in front of a store window looking at pictures on display during the pre-Christmas season.

One of the children said, “That’s the most beautiful thing, where the Savior stands at the door and knocks.”

“Why does He knock,” asked the second child, “because He can enter anywhere if He wants to?”

“No,” replied the other child, “you know, my dad told me that’s the door of the heart, and if you don’t want to let the Savior in, He can’t get in, and He often has to knock for a long time.”

“O, we have the same picture at home but much nicer and bigger,” said the third girl. “My grandmother gave it as a gift to my parents for Christmas. It hangs in our spacious living room. However, two weeks ago was Dad’s birthday. We had a grand celebration then. The ladies and gentlemen came all dressed in finery and danced the night away. For a while, they placed the image of the Savior in the washroom. If my grandmother knew that, I think she would be in tears. It’s just as well she doesn’t live here!” –

This is what one does with the Savior. One hangs His nicely framed painting as a wall décor in the living room so that visitors will see that one is not completely godless. As a painting on the wall, the Savior is also quite patient. Yet He does not want to serve primarily as a wall display, as décor, but He wants to enter the heart as a living Lord. That is why He knocks on our conscience and in our inner being.

Perhaps one of these pictures of Christ displayed on a wall will be decorated with a few green branches during Christmas as decoration. In the heart, one also senses something of the drawing and knocking of the Savior. We may be overcome by a little Christmas spirit. However, Jesus does not want our mood, which fluctuates, but our will, which obeys Him.

When the Savior only hangs on the wall and does not live and sit enthroned in the heart, everyday life washes away all the pious impressions, and everything remains the same. If one wishes to do something in which one does not have a good conscience and where the Savior is not welcome, then one simply “puts Him in the dark room” so that one is not disturbed by the sight of Him.

What will the Savior experience with you now during this Christmas season – outward tributes and some emotion without you opening your heart to Him and surrendering yourself to Him in faith? How many hearts will He knock on in vain! Shall He then, after knocking in vain, turn back again? Then a pitiful time without Jesus lies ahead of you.

Christmas time is decision time! Today I want you to realize that it is the most important thing in the world that you hear Jesus’ voice and open your heart to Him!

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