The Wonder of the Holy Night

Indeed, mysterious and wonderful things took place on the holy night when Jesus became man. A radiant splendor of light poured over the fields of Judah, and its realm resonated with a joyous angel choir.

And the One who traded heaven for earth on that incredible night so that He might become our brother, truly was and is wonderful. His coming, His life, His character, His influence is absolutely wonderful.

The fact that Jesus came as He came is wonderful. In magnificent ways, God revealed Himself as Creator through His great works of creation! But the appearance of His own Son in human form displayed the greatness of God’s eternal heart and allowed us to glimpse the glowing splendor of His mighty love like never before.

This Child in the manger is an incredible image – weak and helpless, and yet Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace! For out of the eyes of this Child shone rays of sunshine that brought comfort to the entire world. Out of the mouth of this Child would go forth words filled with the Spirit, and life that would redeem all those who believe in Him. The hands of this Child would stretch out and bless all those who labor and are heavy laden. The heart of the Child which beat in the arms of His mother would one day bring comfort and refuge to millions. And these tender feet would one day leave a trail of blessing throughout the earth. Their footprints would continue to shine brightly thousands of years later. Under their steps would grow seeds of salvation that would bring fruits of righteousness, which ripen now and into eternity. What an incredible Child was born on that holy night!

Jesus’ life was a miracle. He was poor. “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head,” Jesus once said (Matthew 8:20). Yet He promised crowns and honor, treasures and mansions in the Father’s house in heaven to all who follow Him.

He did not visit a university. Instead, He worked in a carpentry shop in Nazareth until He turned thirty. Yet, He challenged and confounded the scribes with His great wisdom and deep thoughts. And His teachings formed the purest resource of highest wisdom and the finest nourishment for the greatest thinkers and noblest hearts.

He became tired and hungry like every other person. Yet, by His words of blessing, He fed thousands with a handful of bread, and through His powerful words He changed the stormy sea to a gentle evening breeze.

Even though He had a physical body, and was subject to death, mighty powers of life went out from Him to touch thousands of sick people. Even the dead stepped out of the grave at His command. Though He was pressed on every side and continually afflicted, He called out to the world of sinners and offered those who were burdened and heavy-laden, rest and peace in this present time and later on eternally above.

Though He was ridiculed, beaten, and rejected, He still spoke with power from His throne with His angels. And though He could have called on ten legions of angels to protect Him, He allowed Himself to be bound and nailed to a cross. Yet, even there, while He appeared helpless and deserted, He promised heavenly joy and eternal life to the one who was crucified beside Him. And while His followers mourned and sat behind locked doors after His burial, He appeared to them as Lord of life and victor over death.  Yes, the contrasts of His life were truly wonderful and remarkable throughout His entire life on earth.

The character of Jesus is also no less wonderful. “Born of the seed of David according to the flesh,” is how one passage in the Bible describes His human nature. Even though He was born into a Judean family, He was not intended for just one single nation. He was the Son of man. All nations have the right to call Him their Lord. He has the most beautiful, noble, and perfect character. He is love manifested in human form to a world full of selfishness. 

Wonderful is the blessing-filled influence that Jesus’ life brought from His time on earth until today. No other great individual in all history has made a more powerful impact on mankind, as the One who was born to us in Bethlehem on that holy night. Certainly, some famous people have impacted their time and their nation or have also influenced other nations. But no other person is honored and praised in almost every nation. Even today, His birth is celebrated by great multitudes. They give thanks to God for the unspeakable and glorious gift of His Son.

May we also celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior with renewed joy these next days. As His faithful servants may we dedicate and fully surrender our lives to Him.


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