Experiences with God – Edith Makus

“Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer, Nor His mercy from me!” (Psalm 66:20)

Praise be to God, I was able to experience the above in my life during the last year. I am so thankful to serve an amazing God who is able to do more than we often dare to ask.

During the last few years, I have had many back issues, which seemed to be getting worse as time went on. Thankfully, I was always able to get back on my feet until one day, on February 14 of this year, I slipped on the ice while brushing the snow off our car. From that day forward, the pain became so severe that I was unable to function normally. Although I had been told by a number of doctors that surgery was not an option, I silently prayed, “Lord, if surgery would help, You could make the impossible possible.”

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God” (Romans 8:28) was a special Bible verse that came up in my Bible reading during this time. I prayed, “Lord, I don’t know how, but I trust and believe that You will do this in my life.” All the many prayers that were sent up for me in this difficult time upheld me and prevented me from becoming discouraged.

During a short hospital stay at the end of February, a very kind nurse who saw my predicament emphatically encouraged me to ask my family doctor for surgery. After much hesitation, I ventured to ask. Although he didn’t think it was possible, he did give me a referral. I don’t think it was coincidence, but God’s leading, that the surgeon he recommended was the same one who had done surgery on our son’s leg after he also slipped and fell on the ice on February 14th. Our son was able to talk to the surgeon and ask if he would at least look at his mom. He consented, and, after seeing me in his office, said he could try to help through surgery. Although my family doctor cautioned me not to get my hopes up, I was soon able to get a surgery date, on May 30. Praise God, the surgery was successful, and after a couple of days, I was able to go home, sitting in the front seat of our car, which I had been unable to do for months.

The Lord was in control all this time, and I thank Him from the depths of my heart. Every morning when getting out of bed, I am so grateful that I no longer have severe pain shooting down my legs. A special thanks to all the prayer warriors at home and abroad. God heard those prayers and sent His help just at the right time. In July, all of our family was here, and we were able to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

I also want to thank God for the privilege of watching the Edmonton church services online, since I was unable to attend for many months. What a blessing this was to me. Our grandchildren sang a song at our anniversary titled “God is so good.” To Him be all the glory and praise for all He has done in our lives. My prayer is that we would serve Him faithfully to the end and be a good example to the next generations.

Edith Makus

Edmonton, Alberta

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